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"An expert player with a vast knowledge and experience...he's friendly and fun"
In my wildest imagination, I expected guitar lessons to consist of:  me, awkwardly holding a guitar, that I don't even know how to tune, much less *play*, clumsily making a noisy fool of myself, in the company of...
a shredding guitar expert desperately trying not to laugh at me...
or maybe an extremely serious, stiff musician, shaking his head with a sigh, at my apparent lack of skill...
But in reality, here's Bryan... No doubt, he's serious about music, and an expert player with a vast knowledge and experience of music and playing music ... but he's friendly and fun, and I never feel intimidated or small.  Not only does Bryan enjoy music and playing guitar, but he also enjoys sharing his expertise and knowledge of it all - even with a beginner like me :) 
In the six months I've been taking lessons with Bryan, not only can I tune my guitar, and hold it comfortably, I can also PLAY it, and I'm having a blast doing it with Bryan as an excellent coach and motivator.  His approach with lessons is relaxed and patient, flexible, encouraging, and best of all, FUN and EXCITING.
If you are considering learning to play, or looking to improve your current skill, you need to meet Bryan!  Not only am I having a great time learning to play, the lessons are affordable, scheduling is convenient and flexible, but best of all, I'm enjoying music on a whole new level these days!  Thanks, Bryan!
-Julie H.
"Lesson time is looked forward to and anticipated...from an experienced musician"
Two of my sons take guitar lessons from Bryan, and they love it! Not only have they learned a lot about playing the guitar, but it has given them the confidence in knowing they can do something well. Bryan is so knowledgeable about music and puts the boys at ease. They never feel looked down on for not knowing something. Lesson time is looked forward to and anticipated for the next time. They are not only learning guitar from an experienced musician, but have made a lifelong friend in the process. Thank you, Bryan for all you do!
-Eryn S.
"I really couldn't ask for a better teacher"
I had never taken guitar lesson before but I always had a longing to play an instrument and that just turned out to be the guitar. When Bryan came over for my first lesson I had no idea what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised. He showed me the simple G and C chords and how those two chords can make up a entire song. From then on I was hooked. Bryan is a very patient laid back guy that will stay on one thing as long you need till you got it down and then move on at your own pace. He is not overly concerned at stopping right when your time is up. Overall, I really couldn't ask for a better teacher and I look forward to my lessons with him.
-Domonic R.
"An instructor who loves what he does and cares to improve upon his students' skills"
I have been doing guitar lessons with Bryan for about a year and a half now, and I am still looking forward to each lesson every week.  I can already play most songs I want to and I have even come to the point where I am beginning to write my own songs.  Even so, he comes prepared every week with a new idea.  I especially enjoy Bryan's teaching because he learned my interests and favorite songs, adapting the lessons so that they were enjoyable for me.  I was actually excited to do the homework because of this.  He taught me music theory on my guitar and once he could see that I had enough knowledge of it he brought in a ukulele and a mandolin.  Though many lessons are learning the applicability of music theory to different instruments, they feel like fun jam sessions.  I was especially happy to get to know him as a person and find an instructor who loves what he does and cares to improve upon his students' skills.  He is constantly learning how to play new instruments and it is exciting to watch him play.  I would recommend him for guitar, bass, mandolin and ukulele lessons.
-Austin S.
"Passionate, knowledgeable"
You are obviously passionate about music, but you're also very knowledgeable in music theory and things I didn't even realize went into learning/writing/playing music. That's worth a lot!
-Kylie S.
"Puts you at ease and makes the experience a fun a comfortable environment"
I have always wanted to learn guitar but the idea was honestly a little intimidating and overwhelming. However, with Bryan's manner of teaching he puts you at ease and makes the experience a fun one. You learn in a comfortable environment and the lessons are very reasonably priced. I am very glad I took the step to start learning and I'm glad Im having Bryan teach me.
-Kim J.
"A great teacher"
I really have enjoyed my guitar lessons.  Bryan has been a great teacher and is very patient.
-Kat U.
"An amazing teacher...a great motivator"
Bryan is an amazing teacher.  He is patient, kind and funny and at the same time very professional.  In the few weeks my daughter has taken lessons I have seen tremendous growth.  He not only is an amazing guitar player, he is also a great motivator so that his students can achieve the same success.  I encourage anyone of any age who has dreamed of playing the guitar to contact Bryan.
-Stacey H.
"Extremely knowledgeable"
Bryan is an extremely knowledgeable guitar player and a fun teacher.
-Ramon S.
"I learn so much more than chords...I understand how songs are structured and why. Highly recommend his lessons!"
I drive up from Vermillion to take ukulele lessons and Bryan's lessons are worth the extra time and gas. I learn so much more than chords. With his focus on music theory, I understand how songs are structured and why. Highly recommend his lessons!
-Bridget W.
"A phenomenal instructor....a talented musician to listen to as well"
Bryan is a phenomenal instructor.  He is patient and thorough with my 10-year-old son. He is engaging and encouraging.  He is a talented musician to listen to as well.  My son says, "He is a cool guy, a nice guy and has crazy mandolin skills!!"
-Becky I.

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